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Field Notes: European Beer Bloggers Conference

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:
Automatticians, the people who build WordPress.com, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do when not in front of a computer. This week, editor Ben Huberman shares his experience from the annual European Beer Bloggers Conference, an annual…

TURNmusic Debut this July

Originally posted on Dan Liptak:
Announcing TURN! This professional chamber group debuts in Waterbury and Burlington VT this JULY! Really excited to be a part of the this new collaboration, we’ll be presenting two shows, the first at Arts Riot in Burlington on Wednesday 7/9, and the following at the Green Mountain Club HQ in…

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Urban Postmortem

Originally posted on Obscure Vermont:
While adventuring today, I had the unique opportunity to stumble upon one of my strangest and poignant finds yet – a ghost town situated awkwardly within one of the state’s most vibrant communities. There are entire neighborhoods within South Burlington’s North-East Corner, near the airport, that sit vacant, the Nuclear age…

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Man: The Most Intelligent or the Dumbest Species?

Originally posted on Luna'Space:
My long time heroine, Jane Goodall, sums up what I have always thought. We must be the ONLY species on this planet that doesn’t know how to live in harmony with nature. “I travel around the world 300 days a year, doing my best to make more people realize the…

rome_sds_logo April 29

Rome Was Built in 12 Years… In Waterbury, VT

As we leave winter behind and look forward to spring and summer, let’s pause and think about a local snowboarding company – yet another thing to celebrate! This thriving Vermont snowboard company was started by two University of Vermont graduates and is based out of Waterbury, VT – with the Vermont vibe inherent in all that […]

homeless April 15

Homeless: Support from the Obama Administration

Real estate so often focuses on home ownership and the sector of the population that can afford to own a home. It is important that we also open up our eyes and acknowledge the homeless that live in our community, our country. President Obama’s Administration has recently renewed support of local homeless housing and service […]

Homeownership Month Pic March 21

NAR Report’s Homeownership is a Priority

Renters Thinking More about Owning a Home, Say Homeownership is a Top Priority Reposted from National Association of Realtor’s WASHINGTON (July 25, 2013) – Americans overwhelmingly believe owning a home is a good financial decision and a majority of renters say homeownership is one of their highest priorities for the future, according to a survey […]

House_Dollars-new February 26

Shop and Lock

Are you shopping for a home and concerned about the potential of increasing interest rates?  Are you getting quotes for mortgage interest rates today and finding that two weeks later the rates are 0.25% higher?  Do you know what a 0.25% in interest rate means to your monthly payment?  How much could you afford if […]

Paint Swatch wall February 17

Buying Your Starter Home: Setting Expectations

Watch enough HGTV, and you’ll quickly realize that the majority of first-time home buyers have no idea what types of amenities they can actually afford. Going from renting to owning your home opens up a wide range of opportunities in your life, but it also requires some sacrifices. It’s important to consider whether the first house […]

Vtdiggerorg.JPG February 04

Reforming VT Education

New call to reform Vt. education funding system. According to a report comissioned by The Vermont Realtors there is a desperate need for innovation in the financing infrastructure of our Vermont schools. This is a system which Vermont Realtors President Donna Cusson says reflects 19th century Vermont lifestyles instead of a system that will prepare […]

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